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Become a Coach

You can become a certified boxing coach by completing the following courses and steps. Please contact Boxing Manitoba to ask coaching questions or to inquire about any upcoming clinics.
Note: before you can complete the required Sports Manitoba courses, you must create and account at


  • NCCP Profile - Create a locker profile and get a NCCP number at 

  • Complete the following NCCP Courses: Make ethical decisions + MED online exam; Planning a practice; Nutrition

  • All NCCP Courses are scheduled and booked through The Coaching Canada Locker. Check the calendar regularly for offerings.

  • Respect inSport Certification – this is done online and free – offered by Sport Manitoba

  • Boxing Canada's Community Coach-In-Training workshop - offered by Boxing Manitoba

  • Evaluation: Portfolio of three athlete's skills assessments and observed practice (with discussion and debriefing) 

  • Criminal Record Check (Vaild for 2 years)

  • Vulnerable Sector Check (Vaild for 2 years)

Once you have completed all the above, your status will change to 'Trained'. To upgrade your stats to 'Certified' you must be evaluated by a Boxing Canada representative at the apprentice level. Evaluation request forms are available on the Forms page.


After  full completing your Community Boxing level (including your evaluation), you will be eligible to complete your training start your Intro to Competition level.

First step: Train athletes in sparring and coach athletes in competition at a local level only. 

  • Boxing Canada's Intro To Competition workshop -offered by Boxing Manitoba

  • NCCP courses required : Make ethical decisions; Planning a practice; Nutrition; Basic mental skills; Design a basic sports program; Teaching & Learning

  • All NCCP courses are booked through the Coaching Canada Locker Calendar.

**NCCP  courses have an expiration date , please ensure you are informed on personal development requirements available on **


Second step: Train athletes in  parring and coach athletes at the local AND regional levels

  • Evaluation: Portfolio of three athlete's skills assessments and observed practice (with discussion and debriefing)

  • Correct Application of MED - analysis and resolution of boxing specific ethnical scenario

  • Assessment of club-level boxer in area of skills, tactics, and readiness for competition

  • Submission of a Practice Plan and Emergency Action Plan.



We will update this page as details are developed for the Coaching Development phase. The following cources are offered by Coaching Canada and can give you a head start for the next level of coaching.

  • Coaching and Leading Effectively

  • Managing Conflict

  • Psychology of Performance

  • Developing Athletic Abilities

  • Leading a Drug Fee Sport

  • Prevention & Recovery

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