Results for the 2018 Provincials

Held in Shilo Manitoba, February 10th 2018
Any Athlete with no medal status means the final is TBD.

Athelete Club Sex Wight Class Age Category Status Medal
Grace Fanhbulleh United F 54 Elite Novice Gold
Rosette Hakim Pan Am F 69 Elite Novice Gold
Annette McDougall Pan Am F 69 Elite Novice Silver
Skye Anderson United F 44 Junior B Novice Gold
Nevaeh Kennedy Alliance F 50 Junior B Novice Gold
Brooke Sylvester Stingers F 52 Junior B Novice Gold
Priyanka Dhillon Pan Am F 48 Elite Open Gold
Hannah Ingram Eastman F 69 Elite Open Gold
Sidney Meisner Eastman F 50 Junior C Open Gold
Olivia Gow Eastman F 54 Junior C Open Gold
Heaven Moneyas Pan Am F 70 Junior C Open Gold
Alexis Wuersch Pan Am F 51 Youth Open Gold
Ryker Batson Peak M 75 Elite Novice
Lane Langois United M 75 Elite Novice
Tristan Karol BBC M 75 Elite Novice Bronze
Andrew Place Pan Am M 81 Elite Novice Gold
David Johnson United M 92 Elite Novice Gold
Josiah Garrett BBC M 92 Elite Novice Silver
Joe Sumner Pan Am M 46 Junior A Novice Gold
Braedy Whitehead Alliance M 70 Junior A Novice Gold
Ryder Church CFC M 38 Junior B Novice Gold
Ethan Hacking Stingers M 54 Junior B Novice Gold
Warren Lebel BBC M 80 Junior B Novice Gold
Ron Amron Pan Am M 57 Junior C Novice Gold
David Torres BBC M 66 Junior C Novice Gold
Landon Broome BBC M 82 Junior C Novice Gold
Aaron Maytwashing Alliance M 82 Junior C Novice Silver
Orpha Alcime   BBC M 75 Masters Novice Gold
Max Dowsett Peak M 60 Youth Novice Gold
Stratton Wilkinson Pan Am M 69 Youth Novice Gold
Owen Flett Peak M 75 Youth Novice Gold
Bradley Quinitte United M 60 Elite Open Gold
Chris Sarifa Pan Am M 69 Elite Open Gold
Paul Riggs BBC M 75 Elite Open Silver
Dylan Martin Pan Am M 75 Elite Open Gold
Vladmir Alvarez Power M 50 Junior B Open Gold
Mohammed Makhloaf Power M 75 Junior C Open Gold
Justice Harborne Eastman M 56 Youth Open Gold
Nathan Bell Power M 69 Youth Open Gold

2018 Registrations are due!

This is a reminder that all memberships with Boxing Manitoba expire on December 31st. Renewals are needed for Coaches, Officials, Youth, Junior and Elite memberships for 2018. All rates are the same for 2018 with the exception of Elite memberships, rates going up from $60 – $80 as of January 1st.

Club Affiliations expire on December 31st, please submit your forms as soon as possible.
Forms are available in the Form section of this website.


New Ring Custodian Required

After many years our ring custodian has informed us that he will no longer be able to perform this service for us. We’re looking for a new person.   We would like to have someone take over as soon as possible and hopefully have at least a couple cards overlap so he can show you how to set up and tear down.   We currently pay $300. Plus milage outside of Winnipeg.  Starting January 2018 this will be increasing to $500 when the club provides volunteers and $650 when not (pending board approval).

What is expected/required:

  • Delivery, and retrieval of the ring to any venue that rents it within the province. Milage will be paid outside of Winnipeg.
  • Store the ring when not in use.  Not required, but a big plus.
  • Set up and tare down of the ring.  The renter will generally provide volunteers to assist.  This may be during the day and likely late into the evening depending on the event and venue.
  • In the case where no volunteers are available, you will be required to provide them and will be compensated more in that case. Again pending board approval.
  • Have access some sort of facility to unpack and dry the ring in the event it is used outside and gets wet. Not required but would be a huge plus.
  • Supply a vehicle that is capable of towing the trailer.  8′ x 16′ and approximately 2000 lbs.
  • Assess and report any problems or damage to the ring.

If you are interested please contact Gina in the office.

AIBA Rules Update

AIBA has updated the rules earlier this year.  As I understand it, Boxing Canada will be updating their rules soon as well, but I haven’t heard anything yet.
Some of the more notable changes are:
  • All bouts should now be using 5 judges and all scores will be counted.  We are allowed to use 3 when we are short, but we should be using 5 if at all possible.
  • The criteria for judging the bout has been reduced to 3 things; number of quality blow, domination of the bout and competitiveness.
  • 10-6/6-10 score has been removed.
  • TKO has been changed back to RSC, RSC-I and RSC-H
See the website for the updated rules.  Please take some time to go over them and learn what is new.  There is a summary of the changes to the most recent rules there as well.  I’m hoping to have a seminar to go over the rule changes sometime this fall.  All officials and coaches will be welcome
All the most recent rulebook will always be on our website on the forms page:  It’s a good idea to print them off or bring the electronically to every event.