New Ring Custodian Required


After many years our ring custodian has informed us that he will no longer be able to perform this service for us. We’re looking for a new person.   We would like to have someone take over as soon as possible and hopefully have at least a couple cards overlap so he can show you how to set up and tear down.   We currently pay $300. Plus milage outside of Winnipeg.  Starting January 2018 this will be increasing to $500 when the club provides volunteers and $650 when not (pending board approval).

What is expected/required:

  • Delivery, and retrieval of the ring to any venue that rents it within the province. Milage will be paid outside of Winnipeg.
  • Store the ring when not in use.  Not required, but a big plus.
  • Set up and tare down of the ring.  The renter will generally provide volunteers to assist.  This may be during the day and likely late into the evening depending on the event and venue.
  • In the case where no volunteers are available, you will be required to provide them and will be compensated more in that case. Again pending board approval.
  • Have access some sort of facility to unpack and dry the ring in the event it is used outside and gets wet. Not required but would be a huge plus.
  • Supply a vehicle that is capable of towing the trailer.  8′ x 16′ and approximately 2000 lbs.
  • Assess and report any problems or damage to the ring.

If you are interested please contact Gina in the office.

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