AIBA Rules Update

AIBA has updated the rules earlier this year.  As I understand it, Boxing Canada will be updating their rules soon as well, but I haven’t heard anything yet.
Some of the more notable changes are:
  • All bouts should now be using 5 judges and all scores will be counted.  We are allowed to use 3 when we are short, but we should be using 5 if at all possible.
  • The criteria for judging the bout has been reduced to 3 things; number of quality blow, domination of the bout and competitiveness.
  • 10-6/6-10 score has been removed.
  • TKO has been changed back to RSC, RSC-I and RSC-H
See the website for the updated rules.  Please take some time to go over them and learn what is new.  There is a summary of the changes to the most recent rules there as well.  I’m hoping to have a seminar to go over the rule changes sometime this fall.  All officials and coaches will be welcome
All the most recent rulebook will always be on our website on the forms page:  It’s a good idea to print them off or bring the electronically to every event.
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